Q: What's the story behind Neverland Hotel ?

A:When I logged on to the internet in 1995 there was nothing to be found on Jim Steinman.I decided that I wanted my own website and I knew just what it should be about,so in January 1996 the danish Jim Steinman homepage was born.I later changed the name to Neverland Hotel.

Q:Who is responsible for the site ?

Even though I'm the creater of the website, I certainly can't take all the credit.Ever since that start in 1996 many people have helped with the facts such as biographical info,cover versions and other stuff.The president of the fanclub, Jacqueline Dillon have also been a big supporter of the site.

Q:Does Jim know about the site ?

He sure does.I was lucky enough to meet him briefly in London and as he left he said "Thanks for the website" to which I reliplie "Thanks for the music" and he resonded in he usual witty manner by saying "Yeah,that's why I'm doing the music,so you can do the website".Cool guy !