Tanz Der Vampire

    Raimund Theater
    1997-10-04 - 2000-01-15

    Plot: Proffessor Abronsius and his assistant Alfred is on a voyage to Transylvania to solve the mystery of the vampires.Alfred falls in love with Sarah, an innkeeper's daughter,but Sarah,tired of boredom,runs of to the Vampire castle to dance the night away at the ball.The professor and Alfred set out the save her.

    Creative Team
    Choreography:Dennis Callahan
    Costumes:Sue Blane
    Music Supervisor:Michael Reed
    Lighting:Hugh Vanstone
    Music Supervisor:Michael Reed
    Sound designer:Richard Ryan
    Orchestrations:Steve Margoshes
    Executive Producers:Rudi Klausnitzer, Andrew Braunsberg
    Graf Von Krolock:Steve Barton
    Alfred:Aris Sas
    Professor Abronsius:Gernot Kranner
    Rebecca:Anne Welte
    Clarinet:Karl Korak
    Saxophone:Gustav Bauer
    Saxophone:Martin Fuss
    Saxophone:Thomas Huber
    Saxophone:Peter Klinger
    Saxophone:Andreas Kolbe
    Saxophone:Hans Salomon
    Trumpet:Karl Fian
    Trombone:Robert Dodge
    B-trombone:Dietmar Florin
    B-trombone:Cyriak Jäger
    Keyboards:Thomas Bartosch
    Keyboards:Tomislav Benic
    Keyboards:Paul Pawluk
    Keyboards:Herbert Pichler
    Bass Guitar:Heinz Jäger
    Bass Guitar:Karl Kummer
    Bass Guitar:WIlhelm Langer
    Bass Guitar:Frank Tepel
    Percussion:Woody Schabata
    Concertmaster:Alfred Pfleger
    Concertmaster:Andreana Turtow
    Concertmaster:Nicolai Turtow