Bal Vamprirov

    Theater of musical comedy
    2011-09-03 - 2014-07-31

    Plot: Proffessor Abronsius and his assistant Alfred is on a voyage to Transylvania to solve the mystery of the vampires.Alfred falls in love with Sarah, an innkeeper's daughter,but Sarah,tired of boredom,runs of to the Vampire castle to dance the night away at the ball.The professor and Alfred set out the save her.

    Creative Team
    Choreography:Dennis Callahan
    Music Supervisor:Michael Reed
    Sound designer:Richard Ryan
    Orchestrations:Steve Margoshes
    Conductor:Alexey Nefedov
    Associate musical supervisor:Bernd Steixner
    Wigs and Makeup Supervisor:Michael Habla, Karine Uvjen
    Graf Von Krolock:Ivan Ozhogin
    Graf Von Krolock: Alexandr Sukhanov
    Graf Von Krolock:Rostislav Kolpakov
    Alfred:Igor Krol'
    Professor Abronsius:Andrey Matveev
    Professor Abronsius:Ivan Korytov
    Professor Abronsius:Denis Konovalov